Ubud is one of famous district in Bali. It is in the cool mountains area. It is located in Gianyar regency, just 18.6 kilometers in the north of Denpasar city. It is famous for its traditional culture, handcrafts, arts and customs. Besides, Ubud has many majestic and artificial palace, beautiful natural view and home stays. That is why just like Kuta district which has been famous tourism destination abroad since 20 centuries, Ubud also becomes one of attractive tourism destination that usually chosen by many visitors around the world.
Ubud is really competitive for its arts and handcrafts. The handcrafts are made by villagers around Ubud village. There are villages of Campuhan, Penestanan, Peliatan and Batuan around Ubud village which are most of crafts and wood carving villagers. The crafts and wood carving are sold abroad and of course along the street in Ubud. Those can be found among art shops and galleries. These antique crafts and wood carvings can be fingerprint souvenirs of Ubud for its visitors.
Ubud villagers also pay much attention on their religious activity of Hinduism. Every year they hold some ceremonies in the temples. Those celebration of ceremonies also become one of attraction for the visitors. Besides, the structure of the palace in Ubud is really attractive. Those can be a tourism object for them for taking beautiful pictures and moments.
In addition, there are some interesting activities that can be done by visitors in ubud, such as watching the Ramayana Ballet in Ubud palace, visiting a traditional healer, Signing up for cooking class, Learning traditional crafts and wood carving, exploring Ubud monkey forest and getting on Yoga mat. At last, Ubud is not less competitive for its hotels, villas and homestay which is accompanied by its beautiful natural view of rice terrace, rice field and hills. Those can be attractive holiday for the visitors.